China Church FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Protestant church in China
by Rev. Judith Sutterlin

Rev. Sutterlin has been serving in China with the Amity Foundation since 1992 and originally wrote these questions and answers for the "Amity Teachers Handbook" to introduce new foreign teachers to China to the Chinese Protestant church.

The questions were revised and updated in June 2003 by Ian Groves of the ANS editorial team. While not officially endorsed by the CCC/TSPM, they give a good introduction to the Protestant church situation in China and explain some common terminology and concepts to those new to this area.

How to count the number of Christians in China
by Rev. Claudia Waehrisch-Oblau

Rev. Waehrisch-Oblau is a former ANS editor and gave an interview to ANS on this subject in September 1997. Although the statistics contained within the article are dated and unreliable now, the basic problems outlined in the article concerning the provision of accurate figures for the number of Christians in China are still valid.

National / Regional Statistics

The latest statistics available to ANS on numbers of Christians, churches and church workers.