Volume 15.5/6, June 2006

2006.5/6.1 Chinese Church's Bible Ministry Exhibition Tours the United States
2006.5/6.2 Chinese Protestant Church Attends Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches
2006.5/6.3 A Letter to the "United States Commission on International Religious Freedom"
2006.5/6.4 Religious Leaders Invited to Zhongnanhai over Chinese New Year
2006.5/6.5 Exposing the "Disciples"
2006.5/6.6 Henan Bible School Adjusts to Changing Times and Needs
2006.5/6.7 In Hunan, Visions Can Come True
2006.5/6.8 Introducing "Seeking Truth in Love"
2006.5/6.9 Newsbriefs

Volume 15.3/4, April 2006

2006.3/4.1 Chinese Protestants Celebrate Printing of 40 Million Bibles
2006.3/4.2 Studying Theology In The USA - A Chinese Perspective
2006.3/4.3 Henan Christians Reach Out To The Elderly
2006.3/4.4 The Chinese Church Needs More 'Love In Action'
2006.3/4.5 Thoughts On Building Of A Church
2006.3/4.6 How To Reconcile Material Wealth With Spiritual Riches
2006.3/4.7 A Guide To Christian Behaviour In Personal Relationships
2006.3/4.8 A Tribute To Han Wenzao From The World Council Of Churches (WCC)
2006.3/4.9 The Life Of Dr. Wenzao Han
2006.3/4.10 Newsbriefs

Volume 15.1/2, February 2006

2006.1/2.1 Church Leadership Visits Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
2006.1/2.2 Do We Need Religious Education?
2006.1/2.3 Children of Heaven, Citizens on Earth
2006.1/2.4 National Church Leadership Visits Grassroots Churches
2006.1/2.5 "May God Bless The Churches in China"
2006.1/2.6 Culture Clash? How Christians Should View Tradition
2006.1/2.7 In Christ, I am Not Alone Any More: A Young Believer's Testimony
2006.1/2.8 Voice From Across The Straits: Dr. Yue Lei
2006.1/2.9 A Visit To Christians In Jieshou, Anhui Province
2006.1/2.10 A Glimpse At Sichuan Theological Seminary
2006.1/2.11 Newsbriefs

Volume 14.11/12, December 2005

2005.11/12.1 Big Is Beautiful: Amity Printing Press Breaks Ground For New Facilities
2005.11/12.2 Building A Peaceful World Of Pluralistic Cultures
2005.11/12.3 Peaceful Mission: Chinese Astronauts Complete Second Manned Spaceflight
2005.11/12.4 Stewards Of Creation: Christianity And The Environment
2005.11/12.5 "We Ourselves Are Only Human Beings Like You!": An Evangelist Speaks Out
2005.11/12.6 Seminal Beauty: Plans For New Nanjing Seminary Unveiled
2005.11/12.7 "The Bible Unites Us": Chinese Bible Exhibit Will Travel To U.S.
2005.11/12.8 Drumming For Christ: A Look At Luzhou Church Life
2005.11/12.9 "The Son Of Man Came To Serve The People"
2005.11/12.10 Christmas Greetings From The China Christian Council

Volume 14.9/10, October 2005

2005.9/10.1 Reconstructing Theology: Building A Harmonious Society
2005.9/10.2 What Role Can The Church Play In Building A Harmonious Society?
2005.9/10.3 Raising The Standards Of Theological Education: Yes, But How?
2005.9/10.4 Revisiting Revivals: Do's And Don'ts
2005.9/10.5 Changchun Christians Support School-Dropouts
2005.9/10.6 Double Happiness - Religious Publishers Turn Ten
2005.9/10.7 Newsbriefs