Volume 17.7-9, September 2008

2008.7-9.1 2008.7-9.01 The May 12 Earthquake in Gansu and Shaanxi
2008.7-9.2 2008.7-9.02 Pastors Join the Olympic Torch Relay
2008.7-9.3 2008.7-9.03 Chinese Christian Aspirations for the Olympics
2008.7-9.4 2008.7-9.04 God's Faithfulness to Lisu Christians
2008.7-9.5 2008.7-9.05 Build up your strength in union with the Lord
2008.7-9.6 2008.7-9.06 Weep with those who weep
2008.7-9.7 2008.7-9.07 Reflections on Huangshan English Program
2008.7-9.8 2008.7-9.08 Studying the Bible with Chinese Christians
2008.7-9.9 2008.7-9.09 Relationships among Pastoral Co-workers
2008.7-9.10 2008.7-9.10 Huangshan Summer English Course

Volume 17.4-6, June 2008

2008.4-6.1 With grief acquainted: Christian witness in Sichuan
2008.4-6.2 Quake-damaged churches need help
2008.4-6.3 Chinese Churches respond to Sichuan earthquake
2008.4-6.4 Snow storm relief, with love
2008.4-6.5 Changes to Church Order Explained
2008.4-6.6 Church Order of Protestant Churches in China
2008.4-6.7 Bibles for the Olympics
2008.4-6.8 World's Largest Bible Factory Inaugurated
2008.4-6.9 Bishop Ting honored by Japanese University
2008.4-6.10 New book: 'Reconstructing Christianity in China'
2008.4-6.11 Grassroots developments

Volume 17.1-3, March 2008

2008.1-3.1 New Church Leaders Stress Need for Unity
2008.1-3.2 New Leaders Elected at the 8th National Conference of the TSPM/CCC
2008.1-3.3 Made-in-China Bibles for the 2008 Olympics
2008.1-3.4 Reconstructing Christianity in China: K. H. Ting and the Chinese Church
2008.1-3.5 This, too, is Christianity
2008.1-3.6 Let's Talk About Love
2008.1-3.7 The Necessity of Youth Work

Volume 16.10-12, December 2007

2007.10-12.1 Chinese Church Women: On the Joys and Woes of Leadership
2007.10-12.2 Go and Do Likewise – Learning from the Good Samaritan
2007.10-12.3 Love Finds a Way at Zhoukou Church
2007.10-12.4 "Heal the Wounded and Rescue the Dying" - the Zhoukou Gospel Hospital
2007.10-12.5 The Development of City Churches in China
2007.10-12.6 Unity, not Uniformity - Fujian Churches' Approach to Denominationalism
2007.10-12.7 Churches on the Pearl River Delta
2007.10-12.8 Church Regulations Must not Be Trampled upon - Voice of Christians
2007.10-12.9 NEWSBRIEFS

Volume 16.7-9, September 2007

2007.7-9.1 Serving the Different Strata of Society
2007.7-9.2 Witnessing a Strong Church in the Making: An interview with Dr. Miikka Ruokanen
2007.7-9.3 Christian Faith and Chinese/Western Cultures (abridged version)
2007.7-9.4 Staff Capacity Building for Shanghai Christian Council
2007.7-9.5 An Annex of Grace and Light: Shanghai Home for the Elderly
2007.7-9.6 Homes for the Elderly Getting Attention
2007.7-9.7 Social Service and the Church in Hangzhou
2007.7-9.8 Respect and Love – Highlights of AIDS Prevention Seminar
2007.7-9.9 Talking about Listening and Caring: a Symposium on Pastoral Counseling
2007.7-9.10 NEWSBRIEFS
2007.7-9.11 Letter to Tian Feng Editor
2007.7-9.12 Christian Faith and Chinese/Western Cultures