China Christian Council/ TSPM and Nanjing Seminary Respond to Sichuan Earthquake

The Chinese Protestant TSPM/CCC offers prayers and donations for earthquake victims.
On May 14, the TSPM/CCC held a special event in their office building to pray and collect donations for victims of the Sichuan Earthquake. Those who gathered for the event fervently prayed for God to bless victims of the disaster with mercy and grace, to relieve their distress and hasten their recovery. Individual donations were given in the amount of 11,030 RMB and are represented in the check for one million RMB presented to the Red Cross.

Nanjing Union Seminary faculty and students respond to the Sichuan Earthquake with prayers, donations and mourning for the dead.
Faculty and students at Jinling Union Theological Seminary were deeply affected by news of the earthquake in Wenchuan. Letters of condolence were sent to the Sichuan TSPM/CCC and the Sichuan Theological Seminary, and more than 200 people gathered at the seminary on May 13th to take part in a prayer vigil for victims of the disaster. Candlelight prayer services were held each evening in the days that followed.

Donations from faculty and students were collected on May 16 and then dedicated in a special memorial worship service for the earthquake victims on May 18. Individual donations totaled 42,000 RMB and the seminary donated 80,000 RMB for a total of 122,000. Part of this sum was given to the Red Cross for direct disaster relief and part is being given to help rebuild churches in the aftermath of the disaster.

The Chinese flag on the seminary campus was flown at half-mast on May 19 and at 2:48 p.m., the entire community stood in solidarity with people throughout China to pay 3 minutes of silent tribute to the dead and pray for the peace and recovery of fellow countrymen in Sichuan.