Churches affected by the Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan province has over 250,000 baptized Christians, 150 churches, one seminary, and 700 meeting points.

To date, the Sichuan Christian Council is trying to assess the damage to lives and church buildings in earthquake hit cities and villages in the province. In many of the affected areas, the destruction to transport and communication lines have made this effort very difficult and it may take weeks or even months before a comprehensive assessment can be made. Meanwhile, church and council members are trying their best to render relief help to churches and their congregations in this time of great suffering and need.

The following is the latest report of the damage suffered by churches and congregations in earthquake hit areas of Sichuan Province:

Human losses:
An Xian: 3 dead, 14 injured, 48 missing. (It has been difficult getting confirmations about death and injuries from the 100 meeting points in mountainous areas of Beichuan.)
Dujiangyan City. 12 dead.
Mianzhu City. 2 dead.
Jiangyou City. 3 injured
Guangyuan City: 1 injured.

1. Dujiangyan City Church – The church has become structurally dangerous and there is no possibility of worshipping there. Many of the homes of congregation members have collapsed or are in danger of collapse. Some are living in tents, while others have left to stay with friends or relatives.

2. Mianzhu City Church – The front of the church has collapsed and the church walls are all shattered. Tiles on the roof have all fallen down. The homes of many church members were destroyed, and two church members were killed.

3. Yilong County Church – The church building has partially collapsed.

4. Pengzhou City Church – More than 100 meters of the church wall has collapsed.

5. An County Church – The walls have been shattered and the building is now considered structurally dangerous.

6. Jiangyou Church – The church was severely damaged and must be re-built.

7. The Township Church of Guang ‘An – The church building was shattered and is leaning.

8. Santai County Lingxin Church – The walls were shattered and the roof tiles have all fallen off.

9. Zhuning Chuanshan District Church – Shattered walls, and no roof tiles.

10. Guangyuan City Church – Two church buildings were shattered and are now considered dangerous.

11. Renshou County Church – The buildings for 2 meeting points have collapsed.

12. Enguang Church in Chengdu City – The top of the church split in two.

13. Sichuan Theological Seminary – The connecting structure between the main building and the dormitory split from the first floor all the way to the seventh floor.

14. Wang Cang Church – This newly renovated church was severely damaged.

Message from Sichuan Christian Council:
Concern from around the world continues to focus on the disaster in Sichuan. We ask individuals and churches in the international community to keep praying for us, and if you would like to help by making a financial contribution, you may donate to the following account:

Name: Sichuan Christian Council

Account Number: 837342418688091001

Bank name: Bank of China, Shu Du Dadao Sub-Branch, Chengdu

Bank Address: Shuwa Beisanjie 18, Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ570

Contact Persons: Rev. Wen Weikang (Mobile)
Rev. Long Shangyong (Mobile)

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