Growing in Partnership: The Amity Foundation 1985-2005

Few countries have changed as dramatically over the course of the past two decades as China. One social player that has not only witnessed the country's profound transformation first-hand but also contributed to it is the Amity Foundation. As a development agency dedicated to providing social services and development aid to China's poor, the organization has followed the country's development closely as it responds to social needs.

Amity's successful development work is the result of fruitful partnerships between individuals and project partners at the grassroots, Amity staff in Nanjing and Hong Kong and a circle of international friends and supporting agencies. In this book, all parties involved in this partnership speak out in a collection of articles and interviews, making it into a reader that reflects both Amity's and China's development from 1985 to the present day.

"Seen from the perspective of China's long history, twenty years is just the blink of an eye. But what an extraordinary blink it has been, for China and the Amity Foundation."

Theresa Carino

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