Chinese Theological Review: Volume 11:2

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Table of Contents

From the Editor

1 Introduction - Chen Zemin, Erskine Clarke, Robert Evans, Guest Editors

2 The Church and Changing Societies: A View from the United States - Justo L Gonzalez

3 Churches in a Changing Society - Walter Bruggemann

4 Making Connections: Christianity and Culture in the Sino-American Dialogue - Philip L Wickeri

5 Christianity and Chinese Intellectuals: History and the Present - KH Ting

6 Chinese Theology and Its Cultural Sources - Wang Weifan

7 Inculturation of the Gospel and Hymn Singing in China - Chen Zemin

8 Gospel and Culture: Interpretation and Reinterpretation - Ji Tai

9 Theology in the Contemporary Chinese Context - Kan Baoping

10 Doing Theology in Chinese - Richard XY Zhang