Chinese Theological Review: Volume 11:1

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From the Editor


1 Remolding Three-Self to Run the Church Well - He Changping

2 Social Service and the Building Up of the Church - Li Yaping

3 Preaching in the Church in China - Ji Tai

4 Indigenization in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century - Yao Minquan

5 Theological Education in China - Su Deci

6 Jesus' Attitude and Manner of Work (John 4:1-42) - Han Bide

7 The Indigenization of Chinese Christianity - Zhang Yan

8 The Cosmic Christ and Theological Thinking - Qiu Wei

9 Theological Thinking from Experience - on reading Theological Writings from Nanjing Seminary - Zhang Jie

10 The Feminist Awakening Among Chinese Christian Women - Peng Yaqian

11 Christianity and the Modern Chinese Women's Movement - Zhang Yan

12 On Building Up the Local Church in China - Zhao Zhi'en

13 Theological Reflections on "Hong Kong, 1997" - Geng Fu

14 Contextual Theology: The Hong Kong 1997 Question as a Case Study (excerpt) - Peter KH Lee

15 In Memoriam: Bishop Shen Yifan (1928-1994) - Li Yading


16 Your Young Men Shall See Visions - Shen Yifan

17 On Being A Good Pastor - KH Ting

18 Trees Must Have Roots - Wang Weifan

19 Praising God and Having the Good Will of All the People - Wu Enyang

20 The Story of David and Jonathan - Zhao Qiusheng

21 Faith Cannot Match the Promise - Deng Youde