Chinese Theological Review: Volume 9

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From the Editor


1 Welcoming Speech for the Fortieth Anniversary of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary - K H Ting

3 International Ecumenical Relations and Running the Church Well - Han Wenzao

4 Strengthen the Body of the Church and Run the Church Well According to the Three-Self Principle

5 Closing Address to the Joint Standing Committees - KH Ting

6 Message at the Plenary on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches - Gao Ying


7 The Old Testament Commentaries of Rev Jia Yuming - Zhao Qiusheng

8 The Christian Church in Its Chinese Context - Kan Baoping

9 Challenges to Theological Reflection and Education in China - Zhang Jinglong

10 Ba Jin's Philosophy of Love and His Humanism - Xu Zhenglin

11 Lin Yutang's Journey of Faith - Lo u Shibo

12 The Passageway to Enlightenment: On Xie Fuya's `Mystical Union' - Ch en Yongtao


13 Come, Lord Jesus - P eng Cuian

14 Creation and Redemption - K H Ting

15 "Follow Me!" - Kan Baoping

16 Friend, Will You Work for the Lord? - Zhang Yongquan

17 When the Wine Ran Out - Chen Yiping

18 "May Your Kingdom Come" - Jiang Peifen

19 The Solitude of God - Wang Weifan