Chinese Theological Review: Volume 8

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Table of Contents

From the Editor


1. Theological Writings from Nanjing Seminary - K.H. Ting

2. A Brief History of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary 1952-1992 -Xu Rulei

3. Forty Years Ago at the Seminary - Cao Shengjie

4. Forty Years of Chinese Christianity - Wang Weifan and Ji Fengwen

5. Christ And Culture In China: A Sino-American Dialogue - Chen Zemin

6. The Word Was Here Made Flesh - Wang Weifan

7. The Bible in Chinese - Wang Weifan

8. Religious Liberty: A Chinese Perspective - Shen Yifan


9. Encountering God in Quietness - Li Yading

10. God's Wishes - Zhang Junhua

11. Profound Experiences of Life - Wang Jianguo

12. A Wilderness Spirit - Li Xinnong

13. Seeking Jesus - Liu Yajun

14. Pressing On And Striving - Li Dawei

15. No Salvation In Any Other - Peng Zhaodeng

16. The Way, The Truth and The Life - Chen Yongtao

17. The Spiritual Race - Bao Dexin

18. The Light of the World - Liu Chendong