Chinese Theological Review 1989

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1 Facing Reality and Responding to Challenges: On Ten Years of Chinese Church Reconstruction - Bao Zhimin

2 On Religious Freedom - Yang Zhouhuai

3 Re-ordering the Relationships - KH Ting

4 How to View Religious Activities - Bao Zhimin

5 Religious Questions in the Early Stages of Socialism - Luo Zhufeng

6 What Can We Learn from YT Wu Today? - KH Ting

7 Wu Yaozong and Wang Mingdao - Wang Weifan

8 The Influence of Church-Run Universities and Hospitals on China's Modernization - Xiao Anping

9 Xia Yu and Jesus: A Comparison - Wang Xuefu

10 God is God (in memory of Karl Barth) - Liu Xiaofeng

11 A Christian Perspective on the Traditional Chinese Concept of Man - Zi Zhu

12 Summoning Personality and Spirit - Wang Weifan

13 Knowing the Lord's Will - Ji Jianhong

14 How to Lead People to Christ - Kong Xiangjian

15 Is it Wrong to Get Rich? - Kong Xiangjian

16 The Grace to Discern Spirits - Kong Xiangjian

17 Inspiration from the Three Wise Men - Wan Chao

18 "Do You Love Me?" - Yang Xuan

19 The Lord of Sorrows - Wang Weifan

20 About the Authors