Chinese Theological Review 1988

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1 Minutes


2 "Truly, You Are the Son of God" - Xu Rulei

3 Church Reconstruction and Theological Training in China - Cao Shengjie

4 Theological Reflection in the Chinese Church - Shen Yifan

5 Chinese Culture and Christian Faith - Zhao Dianpeng

6 Form in Christian Art - He Huibing

7 Living as Christians Today: Biblical Insights - Chen Zemin

8 Living as Christians Today: Sociological Insights - Zhang Guangzheng


9 Recent Developments in the Study of Religion - KH Ting and Wang Weifan

10 A Tentative Enquiry into the Problem of the Compatibility between Religion and Socialist Society in China - Xiao Zhitian

11 Christianity and Western Civilization - Zhao Fusan

12 Address to the Seventh Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - Zhao Puchu


13 God is Our Guard and Eternal Home - H e Huibing

14 Divine Love - Wang Weifan

15 The Lord Comes in Search of Me - Luo Zhenfang

16 Matthew 13: 31-32 - K H Ting

17 John 18: 22-24 - K H Ting

18 Responsibility and Mission - Peng Cui'an

19 Know Christ, Follow Christ - Xu Minghan

20 Selah (I) - Sun Hanshu

21 Selah (II) - Sun Hanshu

22 The Lord Has Need of It - Can Huixiang

23 About the Authors