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Table of Contents


Editor's Note

1 Open Letter from the Fourth National Chinese Christian Conference


2 Three-Self in the Context of Church History - S un Hanshu

3 Self-Propagation in the Light of the History of Christian Thought - Chen Zemin

4 Changes in Theological Thinking in the Church in China - Wang Weifan

5 Three Tasks in Chinese Theological Work Today - Su Deci

6 Inspirations from Liberation Theology, Process Theology and Teilhard de Chardin - KH Ting

7 The Lord Has Done Another Great Thing For Us (on the publication of the simplified character Bible) - Shen Cheng'en

8 Dr TC Chao's Last Letter to Me - Luo Zhenfang

9 On the Appreciation of Christian Art - He Qi

10 Artwork

11 In Search of the Dove - Cheng Naishan


12 Hong Taitai* - Cheng Naishan


13 Building Up the Body in Love - KH Ting

14 Training in Godliness - Zhao Zhi'en

15 Build Ourselves Up in Faith - Han Wenzao

16 The Holy Spirit: Our Water of Life, Source and Power of Light and Harmony - Zhang Jinglong

17 Jacob Dreamed of a Ladder - Shen Cheng'en

18 On the Watchtower - Zhao Zhilian

19 The Eleven Apostles - Tian Cong

20 From the Beginning of the Year to the End of the Year - Tang Shoulin

21 About the Authors